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Whether acting as advocate or advisor, all attorneys research the intent of the law and judicial decisions, and then apply the law to the specific circumstances faced by their clients. We believe that a professional community trained to provide counsel should expect the same in building their own financial success.

What most attorneys have come to expect from the “needs based” approach in financial advice today is throwing predictions towards an uncertain future, using your time and financial resources to test those guesses through trial and error. This results in a financial position that is dangerously out of balance, unable to absorb setbacks or take advantage of opportunities, unnecessarily forfeiting money to banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and the government.

We have specifically tailored our guiding principles, platform, and planning model to meet the circumstances legal professionals face through different phases of their careers. With a focus on organization, awareness, flexibility, and evidence based recommendations; we are bringing a perspective to market that simply doesn’t come from major financial institutions.

Our team has a simple caveat to our firm’s philosophy: Financial planning for legal professionals should be a positive experience that enhances life today, rather than feel like a sacrifice for a future. After sharing our distinct philosophy, we offer three personalized teaching sessions in person or using online conferencing - Protection, Assets & Liability, and Cash Flow.

We provide you with The Living Balance Sheet®, which will always be accessible to you through our secure online system. You’ll be able to monitor your progress at any time. You will be optimally positioned to respond to the setbacks and opportunities will happen throughout your career and you will be better protected and better connected to where you are now and where you are going to be. All this will come with a lifetime of service from a team of professionals that know you, what you are trying to accomplish, and will be there for you every step of the way.