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Business Owners

At White Rhino Financial, The Business Owner Division is about creating relationships.

White Rhino Financial utilizes a comprehensive educational approach to helping individuals, business owners, and financial planners work towards and then maintain financial balance. By utilizing the The Living Balance Sheet® which is a comprehensive educational approach to helping business owners work towards and then maintain financial balance. With this we educate and share our philosophy of why we are truly an uncommon Firm.

When working with Business owners it is important for them to understand that the business decisions they make today will have an effect on their personal balance sheet as well.

The Business Strategy Division here at White Rhino Financial acts as a consultant and liaison in many areas that drag the balance sheet down or leave the client exposed to harms way.We offer many services for our business clients, such as Comprehensive Management Contract reviews, Succession Planning and Estate Planning to name a few.

Our Team has aligned themselves with professionals in areas of expertise that are outside our realm to ensure all avenues are addressed and properly discussed. We have relationships with Property & Casualty Firms, Healthcare, Estate Planning Attorney’s, Payroll, Bookkeeping, CPA’s, Medicare and more.

We create strategies for businesses no matter the size. I’d encourage you to have a short conversation with one of our Team Members and see if we are a fit for each other.