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At White Rhino Financial, our Dental division is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients throughout every stage of their career. From their D1 year in school to opening up multiple practices, we have the experience and knowledge required to best suit anyone with a career in the dental industry.

We offer an exclusive system Living Balance Sheet®, our team will brush and floss our client’s financial teeth, so to speak, to get them financially healthy and balanced. Just as a dentist’s patient needs to be aware that their cavities didn’t form from one doughnut here or one candy bar there, our clients are educated and made aware of the fact that it is actually a total sum of many financial decisions that can bring them out of balance or keep them there.

We also understand the importance of looking at the whole financial picture. A dentist wouldn’t be very successful in treating a patient if they only worked on the upper incisors, molars, and canines then recommend them to see the dentist across the street that only works on the lowers. We too wouldn’t be successful in creating true value for our clients if we didn’t take a look at everything from mortgages, debt, personal assets, taxes, and cash flow. This is a huge part of what makes White Rhino Financial a truly unique and uncommon firm within the financial industry.

Our goal is to clean your financial teeth and make the best recommendation of treatment going forward for you depending on your circumstance. With The Living Balance Sheet® tool, let us scrape any plaque you have preventing your money from being used efficiently and see what we can do to keep you focused on your own practice and not your finances.