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"Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” 

Guardian is proud to be recognized for its commitment to diversity and inclusion by earning the designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” with a perfect score of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index.

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Words from Guardian's CEO

“Promoting a culture that enables all employees to contribute their unique talents, skills, and perspectives by supporting, appreciating and celebrating diversity and inclusion is not only good for our employees, but directly supports our value of doing the right thing.” ~ Deanna Mulligan, President and Chief Executive Office, Guardian.  

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How do I sign up to be apart of the White Rhino Team?

At White Rhino Financial, we are proud to be a member of The Guardian Network® and believe that the unique talents of our advisors are what make us a stronger, better firm. If you or someone you know is looking for guidance to pursue a meaningful career with a firm that will be a partner in your success, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to forward this email. For information about the financial representative opportunity, 

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We at White Rhino, believe that family is of the utmost importance. Our family consists of our team, our clients, and anyone they hold dear. Founded by a member of the LGBTQIA community, we value all types of families, not just those that fall within the heteronormative faction. All families deserve thorough, first-class planning, which is necessary for success.   

There are studies illustrating how underserved communities approach wealth creation with hesitation and distrust. At White Rhino, we understand that the LGBTQIA community has been neglected, yet deserves the right to learn how to effectively grow their wealth. We understand the importance of helping all walks of life, preparing and protecting individuals and small businesses for any life events that could hinder their ability organize their finances, protect their assets, or grow their wealth. 

As we continue to approach true equality and LGBTQIA assimilation into society, we will face new opportunities and challenges not previously afforded to us. Typically, many members within our community have successfully climbed social and professional ladders to positions of great influence and wealth generation. Unfortunately, we are not always taught how to organize, save and invest our assets for effective wealth building. We see this as a great opportunity for our firm to provide value the LGBTQ community. We strive to educate individuals about proper saving habits, necessary protection and strategic planning to optimize wealth building without taking on unnecessary risk.  

With the recent legalization of marriage and softening restrictions on adoption, LGBTQIA couples deserve the same wealth creation strategies and protections as their heterosexual brothers. For our community, family creation is often significantly more expensive and offers new and different challenges than those experienced by others. At White Rhino, we understand the impact financial organization has on creating healthy families. We understand that relationships are of the utmost importance, and strive to create strategies that grow and protect the wealth of our clients and whomever they call family. 

As holistic financial firm, we believe that a thorough financial education is paramount. By ingraining education throughout our process, our clients make their own intelligent decisions with confidence. We teach clients how to grow and protect their wealth from unanticipated life events. As we effectively grow the wealth of our clients, they become unbound by financial constraints and are allowed reallocate their time for personal fulfillment. We Rhinos are constantly looking for ways to better our clients, ourselves, and our community. To do so, we regularly hold seminars to educate individuals how to rethink wealth creation to provide guidance and value for our community. 



  • Human Rights Campaign 
  • Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce 
  • Lambda NextGen 
Proud to be part of the HRC

Proud to be part of the HRC

Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first.