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Our Culture

At White Rhino Financial we always act in the best interests of our clients. We help affluent individuals and small businesses build financial road maps to important goals. Our clients are diverse, but we have some specific target markets that we work with, namely the medical and professional markets.

We are looking for individuals that would describe themselves as entrepreneurs. We have a team approach unlike any other in the market place. We support our advisors in defining their careers however they desire. They are ready to make a difference in their clients’ lives by putting into place financial structures for the realization of legacies. There are no glass ceilings. We offer one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry, as well as lucrative contracts that include:

  1. Earnings matched to your performance
  2. Career-building supplemental income
  3. Comprehensive benefits package
  4. Deferred compensation plan/wealth accumulation plan
  5. Industry-leading pension plan