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At White Rhino Financial we believe there are two distinct phases of retirement planning-accumulating assets during the working years and turning the accumulated assets into cash flow to spend in retirement. Thinking about building a retirement portfolio it helps to think of the phases and ages in advance. One often used description is the “Go” years. The first phase of retirement is the “Go-Go” years. The second phase is the “Slow-Go” years. The third phase is the “No-Go” years.  

To further break down the retirement years, the different chronological guideposts can be used: 


55-  Long- term care planning 

59.5-Access IRA without tax penalty 

62- Can begin Social Security 

65-Medicare, pensions(?) 

66/67-SocialSecurity spousal benefits maximized 

70-Social Security maximum for worker 

70.5-Must begin minimum withdrawals from IRA 

In addition there are the possibilities of IRA Roth conversions, pension maximizations, annuities, and estate planning. 

If that’s not enough, the uncertainty of life expectancy and investment returns makes retirement planning critical to retirement success.