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Our securities team at White Rhino Financial is highlighted by a cast of individuals that is ever learning. Our team based approach mixed with high integrity and work ethic, gives us the ability to dissolve “groupthink” which plagues our industry.

We are equipped with some of the industries best tools which allows us to provide the extra analysis for our clients. The Living Balance Sheet® is software that allows us to delve into a clients balance sheet leaving nothing to chance. By accessing The Living Balance Sheet®, “LBS for short”, we reach into topics that traditional finance leave behind.

Our background and core value is equipped in helping people protect our clients assets while generating income for a retiree, maximizing risk/return for accumulators, and avoiding probate and tax issues for estates. We realize all aspects of a persons balance sheet works together and should be accounted for.

Teaming up with Park Avenue Securities and BNY/Mellon Pershing, we have access to additional tools that gives us the ability to meet with the largest players on Wall Street. Our platform of Envestnet and Netx360, gives our clients the access to institutional management in accounts that are generally set aside for pensions and endowments.

We leave nothing to chance and allow for math and its principles to speak upon our behalf. Our people are the asset, and it’s our core value and work ethic that allows for us to provide long-term value and growth on their behalf and for our broader community.