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KJ Coakley

KJ Coakley


I have always wanted to create value in the lives of others. My favorite feeling in the world is when an opportunity arises to create a simple carefree moment in someone's life. As a Financial Advisor, I have an opportunity to provide clarity to my client's financial picture. I find that individuals are often hesitant to look into their own finances because they are scared of what they may find. What is scarier to me is the idea that a person could go through life letting a tiny inconvenience grow into a cash-eating monster that strikes hardest at the most inopportune time. It's exactly why I focus on providing education and organization above all else. I never get tired of seeing a client meet one of their long-term goals. I am incredibly proud to be a catalyst for financial reform. 


Professional Qualifications & Experience  

Former PGA Teaching Professional. Since leaving the golf industry, I have been able to utilize my passion for helping others. Instead of working on golf swings, I work on an individual’s financial security. In finance, as in golf, the best results stem from an appreciation for sound fundamentals.